Iconica, as the very first and exclusive alliance of ServiceNow boutiques, aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify the process for clients in finding the right partner for their unique needs.

With nine members and a team of over 300 certified consultants, Iconica brings unparalleled  expertise to the ServiceNow platform, making it easier for clients to identify the perfect match for their requirements.

The international presence of Iconica is emphasized through its nine founding members:

With Iconica, each founding member, including Aloha, contributes their specialized expertise across diverse areas, fostering collaboration and synergy. This collective approach ensures that Iconica can deliver top solutions and services, specifically tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

What's more, being a part of this alliance gives us the capacity to address  larger and more complex projects, ensuring an improved capacity to engage in expansive initiatives.

We are particularly proud to travel alongside the premier boutiques in the ServiceNow ecosystem, we can't wait to see all the amazing things Iconica will bring to the ServiceNow community! 

For more information about Iconica and its offerings, please visit www.iconica.co